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Fukiai High School is located on one of the hills in the Chuo (or Central) Ward overlooking the beautiful port city of KobeThe school has undergone many organizational, educational and name changes over the years, but has been called Kobe Municipal High School at the current site since 1951. The school has recently been rebuilt and has state-of-the-art educational facilities to complement the excellent all-round education provided by the school.


Former Fukiai SGH Students Excel in Major Contest

[Saturday Dec 1, 2018]

Hannah Oku, Ellie Eshima and Nao Otsubo, all three, international course students in the graduating class of 2017 at Fukiai High, have won first place in the 7th Annual All Japan Student English Presentation Contest (Team Category).The final was held at the Yomiuri Otemachi Hall in Tokyo.

Hannah and Nao are now second year students at Sophia University, and Ellie attends International Christian University. They entered the team section of the competition, selecting the environment-based theme (from the three available choices).

That theme was:

  • Protect the Earth!
  • Propose a new program for environmental education.

Ellie, Nao and Hannah's topic was “Zero Waste Camping" The judges were impressed by the students teamwork, English communicative ability and delivery, as well as the "hook" used at the start of the presentation which focused attention on the rapidly and ever-increasing accumulation of waste in the world.

We are delighted that these three students could make good use of the research, presentation and other skills they developed during their time at Fukiai High School under the SGH program. They took part in many SGH events during their time here and were an integral part of the 2016 Four Continent Summit held at our school.

[Friday Dec 7, 2018]
Click on the picture below to access a recreated Yomiuri Shimbun article featuring their victory. 

Students' Impressions of Fukiai
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More Students' Comments
I always had very high expectations of Fukiai High School, but they were actually exceeded during my three years here.  You can enjoy both ‘the international atmosphere’ and studies, as well as the traditional Japanese school experience.  It is truly the “best of both worlds.”  Classes are student-centered with supportive teachers to guide them, and focused on thinking about society and sharing ideas through discussions, debates, and presentations.  Fukiai’s classes enable students to go beyond their boundaries and challenge themselves. Unlike other schools, Fukiai doesn't just teach English.  They teach us about the world through English so that we may think and act locally as well as globally, and become truly international persons; citizens of the world.

Kaho Ishizuki

The students and teachers of the Fukiai International Course are like a big family unit.  We all have unique personalities and respect each other’s individual characters.  Moreover,our bonds as a family, regardless of gender or background, create an environment in which we all develop academically and that fosters personal growth and maturity.  This positive atmosphere stimulates me to strive to attain my best, and motivates me to challenge myself by taking part in the many school, inter-school and inter-prefectural events held at Fukiai High School every year.  By participating in Fukiai’s speech and essay competitions, debate contests and exchange programs, we can not only develop our English skills, but also boost our confidence in communicating our ideas and opinions to a wide audience.  These conditions provide the perfect setting for you to enrich yourself for life.

Tomoko Yamauchi

Nostalgic Sketches of Fukiai
These wonderful sketches of the 'old Fukiai' prior to reconstruction were done by Kimihiko Yoshida, the father of one of our International Course graduates, Kana Yoshida.
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