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From July 28th - August 2nd International Course students, Momona Takigawa and Chiaki Inoue, and one teacher, Ms. Saki Narukami, visited Melbourne, Australia.

The main purpose of the trip was to participate in exchange activities with students at Westbourne Grammar School as well as to deepen our relationship with our partner school.  Both the staff and students at Westbourne Grammar School gave the members of the Fukiai delegation a very warm reception and were wonderful hosts.


A key theme for global studies classes since the beginning of spring has been learning to peacefully coexist with others around the world. Our students at Fukiai focused on problems and issues affecting children around the world, including our own country Japan. Students looked at issues from three perspectives: human rights, the environment, and an economical point of view.


This trip was a wonderful opportunity for our Fukiai students to share what they had learned in Global Studies class with students abroad. Not only did they share what they had learned but also a group of Australian students kindly assisted them in their research by taking part in surveys about Health Education.


The Fukiai delegation gave presentations on the following topics:

  1. An introduction to Kobe
  2. An explanation about SGH at Fukiai High School
  3. Volunteer activities that Fukiai students are involved with

Students at Westbourne Grammar School as well have conducted research into issues related to children. So the Australian students also gave presentations on that theme.

  • One presentation was about the problem of bullying in Australia.
  • The Australian students also explained about their exchange activities and volunteer work in Cambodia with a school there.

Fundraising activities included:

  • selling hotdogs after club had finished
  • selling used books in the library

The students' fieldwork in Cambodia include providing funds for members of the local community to build educational facilities.

Students from Westbourne Grammar School also visited Cambodia and taught lessons in English to schoolchildren there.

The SGH study tour to Australia was a very meaningful experience for everyone involved. Both sets of students learned a lot from each other about problems affecting young people in their own countries and around the world. Not only did the activities prove useful to our students with regard to their research which they continued during second term, it was also an important step on the path to the Four Continents Summit which will be held at Fukiai High School in July 2016 and at which Westbourne Grammar School will have a representative.

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