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Hyogo-Kobe Global Health High School Summit Declaration Ceremony

The ceremony was held at the Hyogo Prefectural Hall on September 10th, 2016. 
Eighteen high school students from Hyogo Prefecture, including three students from our school (Kazuki Chito, Haru Shimomura & Suzuka Kamada) attended, in their role as high school student executive members of the "Hyogo / Kobe Prefectural Health and Medical High School Summit" committee.

The committee members had been working hard since April 2016 on creating the declaration, which shows the resolve of youth in Japan to contribute in meaningful ways to spreading awareness about health issues and through research and discussion finding effective ways to deal with those health problems.

Two representatives from Hyogo Prefectural High School read the text of the declaration which had been finalized at the summit, and handed it to Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) . Despite a busy schedule she attended the summit declaration ceremony, which was a side-event to the G7 Health Ministers Meeting.

Here is an excerpt of the declaration, from the students' address:

"Today we, High School students in Kobe City and Hyogo Prefecture, have gathered to change the world... We ... can contribute by imagining and developing bold and creative solutions that transcend traditional ways of doing things...  We ... have undertaken various research projects to play our part in solving pressing global health problems. We look forward to sharing our findings and spreading awareness of the issues and solutions to people around the world, especially to young people our age..." 

Dr. Margaret Chan shook hands with each and every student committee member and encouraged them with the following words:

'I am really looking forward to seeing what ideas and activities young people like you come up with.' (paraphrased)

Here are some comments from our students who attended this ceremony:

  • “I learned a lot from the perspective of helping run such a huge event.” 
  • “This experience of meeting so many students from different high schools, WHO staff members and even the Director General has expanded my horizons.” 
  • “It was such a valuable four month-project working with all the people on the committee and everyone involved with the project to make the declaration as good as we possibly could.” 

Please click on this WHO logo to view an official WHO article on the event (and also the related September 23, 2016 event that Fukiai students took part in.


Click on this photo of Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization at the event to open a PDF copy of the declaration provided by the WHO.

Photo Source (WHO Media Center)
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