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  • Read everything on this page from TOP to BOTTOM. 
  • Follow all the instructions carefully. If unsure please ask a classmate for help.

1. An Introduction to ‘Show and Tell’

Near the start of term 1, every CU student will give a Show and Tell Speech in front of some of their classmates.

Show and Tell activities are popular in many countries, but if you have never done one before, please look at this YouTube video of some young children doing (a very simple version of) Show and Tell.

In the video, each speaker
  • introduces their favorite toy 
  • answers questions from their friends

VideoTitle: Kids Show and Tell: Favorite Toy | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids


Of course your talk will be much longer,and properly organized.

Read on to discover how to choose a good topic for CU class and how to give a good Show and Tell Speech.

2. Show and Tell:  Choosing a Topic
It is REALLY IMPORTANT for you to choose a good Show and Tell TOPIC.
良いトピックを選ぶことはShow and Tellにおいてとても重要なことです。
Think ..."if I were in the audience, would that be an interesting topic".

※You should choose a specific topic not a very general one.

Here are some good, appropriate topics for a Show and Tell Speech.

Think long and hard .. before choosing your Show and Tell Topic!
よく考えてからShow and Tell のトピックを選びましょう。
3. Show and Tell:  STEPS + EXAMPLE
In this PDF file #1, you can see:
  • 7 STEPS you can follow to give a great Show and Tell Speech.
  • a student example of some of those steps (Mind Map, Outline & Script)
 CLICK ON THIS LINK or the PICTURE BELOW to view PDF file #1

Click to access PDF

Please read everything in the file carefully
 ... as you will have to follow those exact same steps next.
4. Show and Tell:  Homework Exercises 宿題

Just like in the Example Show and Tell in Part 3 above...
you need to fill in the following sections of PDF file #2 below:

  1. Your Show and Tell Topic
  2. Your Mind Map
  3. Your Show and Tell Outline
  4. Your Show and Tell Script

Part3のShow and Tellの例を参考にして、自分自身のShow and Tellを完成させましょう。

  1. あなたが選んだShow and Tellのトピックを書きなさい。
  2. マインドマップを作りなさい。
  3. Show and Tellのアウトラン(概要)を書きなさい。
  4. Show and Tellのスクリプト(スピーチ原稿)を書きなさい。

You may print out the PDF and fill in the necessary parts
... or ... just write it on some blank sheets of paper you have at home. Either is fine.

 CLICK ON THIS LINK or the PICTURE BELOW to view PDF file #2

Good Luck!

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